Zach Konieczny

There once was a boy in his sophomore year of high school unsure about himself and what his life meant to him. He took many different engineering courses, dreaming to be a bio molecular engineer someday. As the years went on he continued his studies but something clicked in his head that he was chasing somebody else’s dream instead of his own. That realization took him down a rabbit hole of the creative fine arts and digital media. He changed his entire course of action in his life and he began his devotion for the arts. That boy used to be me. Now studying Creative Fine Arts and Graphic Design as an undergraduate at MATC I have explored and learned more about the art world than I could have ever imagined. Throughout my creative experience the one aspect that keeps me motivated is the freedom I feel when creating. The feeling when I see the final product being showcased to clients is indescribable. For that I keep exploring and creating something new as I push my boundaries even further.

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