Scream Dvd

This design was created as a redesign of an already existing DVD sleeve cover. With the redesign I wanted to focus more on the main characters of the film instead of the star role’s face, Drew Barrymore that Wes Craven put in his final design. The opacity within the case’s design was intended to have the main antagonist hidden in plain sight just like scenes in the original film.

Psychedelic 60's

For this project we as a class had to develop and create an art history brochure on certain movements or art styles. I decided to focus in on the psychedelic sixties art movements referencing artists such as Wes Wilson and Rick Griffin. I wanted to evoke the balance of peace and flow within my design as the neon lines guide you throughout each page of the brochure.

Burnt Out

This painting was a side project of mine over the course of my third semester at MATC. I wanted to push the boundaries of my knowledge of painting and introduce the new medium of candle wax. I slowly built up the candles with real candle wax to get the perfect textures I needed. The imagery within the painting is about abusive relationships and how painful and life consuming these relationships can be on some individuals. The red candles everywhere represent love and how moments can create love for certain people. The big candle consuming the figure is burnt out showing the devotion they had for their partner as they are blinded by their love shown physically by being blinded by the wax.

Bull's SNack Sticks

This package design was inspired by a bull ring and farm aesthetics. I liked configuring the different typographic elements of the type within the bull logo. I wanted to make the PDQ seem as if it was a bull’s stable made completely out of red barn wood. The tear for the PDQ to actually open resembles the opening of stable doors.

Devilman Crybaby Netflix Advertisement

This video advertisement is one piece of a six piece Netflix advertisement campaign. I wanted to use the colors of their brand which heavily revolve around red, black, and white. With the video I wanted to make sure it fit the brand’s aesthetic, so I scoured some of my favorite shows on Netflix to find a perfect clip for the piece. The clip I edited was found from the show Devilman Crybaby which is what I decided to promote.

Married Life Cover

This was a commissioned album cover for a friend of mine Alexa Wilhelm. Her and Jay Webb made an original song with lyrics by Alexa herself. The “UP ” inspired song was resembled in the covers background along with illustrated silhouettes of both musicians. This album cover for “Married Life” by Alexa Wilhelm can be seen on any streaming platform.

Santa Cruz Poster

This poster design was an art history piece in which we had to incorporate a brands identity with a historic graphic designers poster. I decided to mash Santa Cruz and Arnold Saks together. This design was supposed to replicate both ribs of a skeleton and a halfpipe at skate parks. 

Four Pillars Ad

This magazine advertisement for Four Pillars Distillery was one of my favorites from the start of my creative career at Milwaukee Area Technical College. We as a class had to make a drink advertisement that fits within our given brand’s identity. The inclusion of the liquid cascading around the bottle was an important feature I wanted to implement. I had to learn how to manipulate and color correct liquid and water to make it still fluid. 

Zumiez Brochure

This hiring brochure for Zumiez was made for their intended demographic of younger to mid aged adults. I wanted to keep the layout open just as their store locations are as well as including their iconic couch. 

Song Lyric Animation Sync

This video was a final project for a motion graphics course. The class as individuals got to choose a song that we had to animate the lyrics to the actual song. The tediousness of this project was right up my alley with a lot of keyframes and video editing. The fast paced song allowed for me to add fast imagery and video clips with bright flashing colors resembling the mood or aesthetic of the song. 

Sylvansport Tradeshow

This trade show design for Sylvansport was inspired by cool autumn days in the Midwest. I really enjoyed conceptualizing a space whether it was lighting, audio, or wallpaper I needed to understand what the user was going to see. I wanted the entire show to feel like an experience with mourning doves chirping and the lights shining through the birch leaves and branches.  

Unbeatable Ad

This advertisement for Unbeatable by Dcell Productions was one of three iterations I made for this ad. This one specifically was the one I struggled the most with since the game format is horizontal on a PC and this was a vertical mobile layout. The limited space was a boundary I had to configure and understand as I brought in larger video clips than the actual composition specifications. 

Tame Impala Poster

This design was for a music poster specifically for Tame Impala. I was inspired by retro futurism collages and the psychedelic trance of Tame Impala’s music. This groovy design was one of my favorites to make because it allowed my creative mind to flow and create with no bounds and no direct end result in mind. 

Self Portrait

Self Portraits have always been a struggle for me because they either never really looked like me or I just hated what I was seeing. During some screen printing I decided to create a psychedelic binary color print. During the ink phase some was wiped off creating a drip look into the green shapes. Instead of waisting the piece I used the “mistake” to my advantage and used some line work to emphasize the tonal changes.