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Portfolio of Zach Konieczny

Art SPecifications

barbed wire

WHy I create?

Ever since I was young I have been pulled into the creative side of the world. I would always ask some of my family members to draw 2000’s pop culture characters for me so I could color them in, but they insisted on having me draw them for myself. This led me down a path of collecting way too many art supplies and getting to work on many drawings. This push to create for myself has always stayed with me throughout my life. I strive to find and create obscurity and uncontrollability within my artwork by using unconventional mediums and canvases. 

My Mediums

Throughout each piece that I make I try to push my own boundaries on mediums. For instance I wanted to get a wax effect on an acrylic painting, so I decided to paint with wax. I really enjoy mediums/styles of art that allow mistakes and fluidity. Some of these mediums and styles include spray paint, splatter paint, sgraffito, and stencil art.

What inspires me

I seek vibrance and saturation when I view artwork. I like vibrating colors next to each other when they shouldn’t be. All of these aspects could be seen in many of the art pieces made in the 1960’s and 1970’s. These two eras have always inspired me with movements, music, and art pieces.